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The Lovegoods Just Don't Seem That Loony to Me

Lowland Scot
13 May 1958
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I am a wife and mother of two, currently staying at home with the youngest daughter and generally having a good time while my husband beats his brains out at a downtown law firm. I have a masters degree in economics, and worked for 20 years in think tanks and universities. Most recently I was a research fellow at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.

I have been a musician for most of my life, and three years ago started studying the lever harp with a wonderful coach. I enjoy playing all kinds of folk and early music, but particularly Irish, Scottish, medieval, and Renaissance. I have two harps: a 36-string Thormahlen Swan built by Dave Thormahlen in Oregon, and a 24-string Timothy Aedh built by Timothy Habinski of Ontario. I have also continued to play other instruments, and recently acquired a circa 1870 Erard grand piano. We have also managed to collect a tenor saxophone, an accordion, a cello, a viola, three guitars, two flutes, and a basket full of tinwhistles. We torture these objects, and our loved ones, by attempting to play them.

My husband and I live with our daughters in a house built in 1759 by the Mackalls, a prominent colonial Maryland family who contributed many eminent men to public life, including a judge and a physician. Mackall Road in Calvert County and Mackall Square in Georgetown are connected with the same family. Our house was once the manor of a large tobacco plantation called Mattaponi Farm, which remained in the hands of the Mackall descendants until the 1980s, when the 800 acres were sold to a developer and split into 5 acre lots. Our property is thus but a shadow of the former farm, but we do have a small family cemetery on the grounds, where five Mackalls rest in peace. The former owner swears the house is haunted, but I am, depending on your inclination, either too sensible or too insensible to perceive any spirits here, other than the bottle of Tobermary in the cupboard.