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A Modest Proposal

I get two kinds of junk email these days: breathless warnings about how I must protect myself during the coming financial armageddon, and pathetic stories about homeless cats that need foster homes, foster homes that need money, cats that need money.....

Let's just change our currency to kittens. The entire nation is apparently up to its collective ass in unwanted cats, well all of a sudden every cat's a wanted cat. I don't see the downside. Hell, if I'd written my PhD dissertation on this instead of that boring demography crap, you'd all be calling me Dr. Hutchins and sending your tax dollars straight to my bank account to pay for my latest 7-figure NSF grant.

Since at heart I'm a raving right-wing libertarian loony bird, I don't propose to force private citizens to accept kittens as legal tender. But governments do have to -- from the PG county council on up to the IRS. As an added bonus, if the IRS had to spend all day scooping litter boxes, they'd have far less time to get up to their normal mischief.

So you read it here first -- if Bob Samuelson steals this gem and puts in in Newsweek, you'll know who he pinched it from.